Get together with Waterbucs group of experts. We are known for our web designing skills, software and app development. We use our technology and skills to meet every demand. By working with us, you are assured of turning your dreams into reality. We have common goals and objectives as a team.


Digital Marketing

Step into the world of digital marketing with the experts from Waterbucs. Market your products or service online and promote them with the website made by our experts. We find ideas and content to promote your business on an online platform where it gains more target audience. We advertise your company’s brand and service on the website. You are assured to gain your customers online who will invest in your business. Digital marketing has a lot of advantages when getting down for a business. As digital marketing can gain more customers globally. Attract the interest of customers or investors with the unique website created by Waterbucs group.


Web design and development

We are known to come up with the best website ideas and designs. We are a premium web designing firm in the city. Based on your budget, we design a website that meets your project needs. We are determined to meet your every expectation along with offering you a fair price. Make your business a success by collaborating with our web designing experts. Lead the trend of online words with our creative ideas and skills. We can make a website that befits your project goals and objectives. Our web development team has a project manager, UI /UX designer and Web developer. We plan and promote your business to meet more target audiences.


Software development

Development of innovative and sustainable software for Android, IOS, browser or any other Operating System. We provide software designs that help your digital evolution. We also prepare schemes for your web project that make your business bloom with success. Our IT team will help you to get your business in the market and gain the attention of the target audience. As a software development company, we can provide you with software applications that can get audience attention easily and meet your business goals. We can come up with any kind of design and theme based on your preferences. We offer you our premium support with the best technology available.

App development

App development

The Waterbucs group has the technology and resources to build the apps for any Android mobile phone or IOS. Nowadays when everything is getting online the demands for app developers have increased a lot. We can design and develop software that can run on your mobile devices. We develop apps for you that will get a large target audience. We are the experts and professionals who serve you the best service that will help you get the profit from your business.

Our Future Projects



Waterbucs aim is to make use of the gas that is obtained from processed food wastes and animal wastes by supplying it to the local people which they use for various amenities including energy.



We aim to encourage and promote a green culture to society through the conversion of food wastes or animal materials to environmental user-friendly utilities such as biofertilizers, biogas and electricity.

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