Waterbucs group is a rapidly growing software and web design company of today’s modern world. We help you with designing and implementing digital projects. With our creative minds, we are here to help achieve your dreams and accelerate your project in reaching maximum potential.


Only a few business owners have the technical skills and infrastructure to improve their business online. It is where the Waterbucs group comes in and helps you in planning and implementing your business. We possess the skills and talents to help you get started digitally. Our hard work over the past years has helped our team to improve and be ready to face any challenges that you throw at us. It is said that one learns from their experience and mistakes. Our past projects for our clients and years of experience in software and web designing has made us who we are today. In this modern era of technology, we help you get started with your business. Get our support whether you are new to the business or a professional company. Build your dream business with the Waterbucs group.


Waterbucs has talented members who possess excellent skills and a good artistic vision. Creating beautiful logos, graphics, finding a good theme and selecting the correct colour and font style. We can design an online platform or app where we can help you showcase your project and market it to the intended audience. We are highly cooperative and time conscious hence, we strive to meet deadlines for all of our clients the project.


With our advertising and marketing strategies, we can create a plan that meets your budget. Get the best content written by a professional that will help you get more sales in marketing. We can create attractive designs for you to attract more traffic to your website. When you want to commute some information to the target audience we help you create the proper content. The content that will include your message, aim and object clearly to the audience. You are guaranteed to get good business results with our digital strategy.


Get live support from our staff 24*7 to manage your projects. Get our technical assistance anytime you have a problem. Our team will meet your request round the clock for you. We are ready to serve you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with our excellent service. Get our emergency support and response from our team.

Our Team

Lina Woods

Junior Designer

Brown Hulk

IT Developer

Stephanie Li

Senior Designer

Mina Loren

General Director

Our Partners

Leet Wolf Technologies

We hold rich expertise in the web development segment along with our personalized services in Software Development, Site Optimization, Online Marketing, Digital Branding, and Mobile Application Development.